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Saim: Castoldi waterjets integrated with Zipwake interceptors

Jet tender and waterjet expert Castoldi is no stranger to cutting edge technology. Now thanks to SAIM, Zipwake distributor in Italy, it has entered into collaboration with the Swedish top interceptor manufacturer to make its waterjets the best on the market for efficiency and performance.

The collaboration with SAIM, the Italian distributor for Zipwake interceptors, enables Castoldi Turbodrive 490HCT and Turbodrive 600 HCT waterjets to arrive readily equipped with the latest generation interceptors. 

Giacomo Castoldi, General Manager, Castoldi said “This collaboration brings two companies together both with a reputation for performance and efficiency with a high standard of design and engineering. Integrating the Zipwake interceptor provides a superior product and greater options for our customers.”

Marco Donà, CEO of SAIM commented “we are proud to provide Castoldi with Zipwake interceptors, we have been distributing since long-time on the Italian market. The decision of joining our experience together developed very quickly and confirms Saim ongoing interest in working with reliable partners. We are sure Zipwake will be able to satisfy a number of requirements for Castoldi customers”.Castoldi waterjets integrated with Zipwake interceptorsCastoldi waterjets integrated with Zipwake interceptors

Why waterjets are superior
One of the primary reasons for using a waterjet propulsion system is to improve the performance of the vessel. The main job of the interceptor is to modify the trim of the boat in order to navigate in a more effective way according to the speed of the vessel and the sea-state.

The waterjet propulsions are often installed in twin or triple configuration, so a large portion of the hull is occupied by the waterjet itself, often leaving little room for other devices. Castoldi’s approach to direct mounting on the body of the waterjet guarantees the possibility of installing two interceptors of large dimensions per waterjet, leaving the transom of the boat free for the installation of other items. The transom position of the waterjets is generally selected as the most efficient for the best thrust: Often this position corresponds to the most effective position for the interceptors too.

The benefits of integrated interceptors
When the interceptors are integrated on the waterjet, there are great advantages for the installation on the boat since no additional room is required on the transom and no additional holes need to be drilled for the cables. In addition, the shipyard does not have the worry of sourcing and installing the interceptors itself.
Using the interceptors in manual or automatic mode, it is possible to improve the comfort on-board depending on the sea-state, to look for the best speed and to get the best efficiency out of the journey, thus optimising fuel consumption and emissions.

Castoldi is already known for being the only manufacturer to fit its waterjets with an integrated gearbox. Because it also builds tenders, it also has the expertise and know-how which it can pass on to other boatbuilders and equipment installers. The integration of the interceptors adds another important benefit to Castoldi’s waterjets, offering high performance features maintaining a very compact design while simplifying the installation process.

Castoldi’s competitive edge

The company says its edge in the market is due to its waterjet’s many advanced exclusive features. Much more than a simple pump, it is a complete, integrated marine propulsion system. The Castoldi waterjet drive is very light due to the aluminium alloy construction of its principle parts. The gearbox is integrated in the unit therefore the engine need not be provided with a marine transmission.

Every Castoldi waterjet drive is equipped and delivered in a single module which includes a propulsion system with water intake, duct, steering and reversing devices, with top quality equipment required for its installation, interconnection and control, to ensure the best performance. This gives high efficiency at medium to high speeds (25-60 knots).
The Castoldi waterjet may be disassembled and accessed for inspection in just a few seconds, simply by removing the rear part. Longer service life is achieved through rugged construction and full protection against corrosion.

Forward thinking the market
The reason behind offering interceptors in addition to its waterjet offering is that in the hi-performance professional market, which is mainly where Castoldi operates, interceptors are often used.  Having them readily integrated in the propulsion can be great solution for both the vessel designers and the shipyards.
So, the waterjet manufacturer is listening to its customers and expanding its offering to the market.

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